Kryptophone configuration instructions - Snom 821
This guide is intended to provide the instructions for a quick installation and configuration of a Kryptotel number on a Snom 821.

- Snom 821 telephone
- a computer to access the configuration of the telephone via browser;
- a
Kryptotel number and password;
- telephone and computer must be connected to the same LAN network.

1) click here and download the configuration settings file on your PC “conf821.xml";
2) connect the phone to an electric plug and to the LAN;
3) turn the phone on;
4) select the language, the time zone and the ring the tone according to your personal preferences (if the telephone is new);
5) click on the "Menu" button, 5 and 1 to visualize the IP address assigned to the telephone (displayed as Ip Adr.;
6) open the browser on the computer and insert the following url in the browser "http://" plus the ip address shown on the telephone's display as per the previous step (es. )
7) in the "Setup" menu click on “Advanced” and then on “update”;
8) on the line “upload files manually” click twice on “Browse…”;
9) select the file “conf821.xml” that you previously downloaded and saved;
10) click on "Load” and wait for the telephone to reboot itself;
11) reinsert the telephone IP address in your computer's url browser like in step 6;
12) click on “Identity 1”;
13) insert the Kryptotel number in the "Display Name" and "Account" fields;
14) insert the password in the "password" field;
15) click on "Save" and immediately after click on "Re-register";
16) click on “Cerfificate”;
17) click on “Add exception”;
18) click on “Identity 1”;
19) click on "Re-register"
The telephone icon displayed on the telephone screen in the top left corner next to your account number will turn green therefore you are enabled to dial and receive encrypted calls!
Furthermore we suggest you insert an admin password in the "Advanced" menu, "Security/Qos", it is not mandatory but we still highly recommend it.

To perform an encrypted call insert the number of the person you want to call and click on the green "tick" button.
To answer a call pick up the telephone or press on the "speaker" icon to respond in speaker mode.
For more telephone functions please read the phone’s user manual.