Configuration instructions Android - Bria
This guide is intended to provide the instructions for a quick installation and configuration of the "BRIA" client for the Android, for the purpose of making encrypted telephone calls with the KryptoMobile service.

- Smartphone with operating system Android release 2.1 or later;
- "Bria Android Edition" application - Counterpath Corporation, downloadable
here on your smartphone;
- Have a Kryptotel number and password.

1) download and install the "Bria" application on your smartphone with Android operating system. You can download the application from the producer Counterpath.
2) activate the "Bria" application;
3) click on "Accept" to confirm the software license;
4) insert the license code that you should had already bougth (if requested) and click on "Submit";
5) click on "Add Account" e select "Kryptotel" from the pre-configure voip provider list;
6) insert your Kryptotel number in the fields "Account Name", "Display name" and "User name";
7) insert the password in the field "Password";
8) click on "Account advanced";
9) click on "Encrypt audio" and select "always";
10) go back to previous page and again to the previous page (using 2 times the back button on the phone)"

If the red X in the top left corner of the Bria application has disappeared then you are successfully registered and ready to dial and receive encrypted calls!
You can test the connection calling the toll free number 445 to verify your credit.

To perform an encrypted call insert the number of the person you want to call and click on the green phone icon.
To answer a call click on the green phone icon.

Useful Numbers:
- 444 - Encrypted Voicemail - toll free
- 445 - Credit check - toll free
- 446 - Set the language (1 for english) - toll free
- 448 - Jolly service, it allows to set the caller id as you want (only the call will be charged if done)

Common Problems:
- If you cannot hear the audio when the called number answer, try to check the flag "Speakerphone Fix" in the menu "Settings", "Advanced Settings".
- if your hear echo during the conversation, check the flag "Echo Cancellation" in the menu "Settings", "Advanced Settings".