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The phone fixed or mobile must to be simply connected to an Internet connection using cable,wifi or 3g. It must simply be configured using login,password and server name supplied from us.
The non traceable
encrypted calls can only be performed by subscribers of Kryptotel's telephones because the parties involved must be able to code and decode the received and dialed call.

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If the receiving party does not have a Kryptophone, encrypted calls are still possible with our fantastic "Black Out" function, that allows our users to dial/call regular telephone numbers:

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-the call is encrypted and safe up to the interconnection point with the regular telephone network. From that point on the calling number is randomly set with a different number for each phone call.
By continously and automatically changing the calling telephone number it will be impossible for anybody to tap or intercept your telephone, because as said earlier, for every call you will be assigned a different telephone number. Furthermore this number is not linked with the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) therefore it will be absolutely impossible to trace your identity.

-In order to have an even higher level of security the calls enter the regular telephone network from more than a 100 different interconnection points scattered in all 5 continents together with millions of other calls.

Attention: The "Black out" function does not exclude the possibility of intercepting the number you are calling. In this case the call could be listened to, even though your identity will still not be traceable. This is why we call this function a "Black Out" it guarantees excellent privacy if you are the target of the interception, but it cannot guarantee the absolute privacy that Kryptotel's services offer when both parties are using Kryptotel's encrypted telephone lines.

Our cost of calling regular telephone numbers is 30% cheaper than current costs applied by Skype.

In order to call a regular telephone number all you need to do is enter the international country code for the number before dialing the actual number (ex: 001-USA; 0039-Italy; 0044-UK). Example for the USA dial 001 then 3477276828 (Kryptotel's office number).

Every telephone has a 6 digit Kryptotel network number and all of Kryptotel's subscribers can call each other by using the corresponding numbers.
You will be able to call whenever you want at NO added cost!


-The quality of the calls are as clear as any other traditional telephone call;
encryption causes no delay in the call;
-no waiting period, the telephone that is being called rings in less than a second from the moment the number is dialed;
-allows encrypted audio conference with up to 4 different parties (it depends from phone limitations);
-allows to use the available contacts;
-shows and keeps track of call logs, missed received and dialed. (function that for security reasons can be disabled through the telephone menu)
-the menus of the phone are all in your language (more than 20 languages supported)
-call transfer can be enabled to another Kryptophone if necessary;
-can receive multiple calls and on hold options are easily managed;
-external headsets with microphones can be used for extensive usage.

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-totally private conversations with no fear of interception;
-no trace of the calls (caller or called);
-no cost for the calls, regardless of how many or how long they are (with flat fee plan);
encrypted audio conference at no added cost;
-works all over the world, wherever there is Internet connection.

Kryptotel has decided to operate with "open source" encryption systems that have been tested and verified by third parties and approved, through verification studies, as being safe.

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The content of the calls are encrypted by using standard protocols TLS and SRTP.
The Voip clients that are used are not owned by Kryptotel but are released by third parties that have enabled the above encryption protocols consequently giving our clients total guarantee.
The servers that manage the calls are
encrypted with 3 levels of encryption, in order to guarantee the impossibility of tampering even by Kryptotel's own personnel;
The telephones switches do not record any information of the communication (neither the caller nor the called);
it is possible to allow full verification of the complex structure to appointed third party technicians.

KryptoPhone highly differentiates itself from any other encrypted telephone service:

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- all competition encrypted telephones, due to technology that has been exceeded by Kryptotel, produce a considerable delay in the communication between the caller and the called, causing a 1 to 2 second gap and waiting period from the moment a sentence is said to when it is heard. This renders conversations very difficult and annoying as it is enables sentences to overlap each other between the caller and the called. KryptoPhone DOES not cause any delay and those who try it never turn back!
- Kryptotel does not use the operators regular public switches but Kryptotel's servers that are reached through the Internet with an encrypted connection. No record or trace of the caller or the called and guaranteed 100% impossibility for anybody to intercept/tap/listen to the conversations.
- With KryptoPhone the quality and the clarity of the communication is absolutely outstanding, very differently than all competitor products where crackles and distortions are heard due to the technology used. In order to reach this objective KryptoPhone uses a telephone equipped with a very powerful processor.
- None of the competitors provide
encrypted audio conference, necessary in todays business world.