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  • How can Kryptotel ensure data security?
    Kryptotel's technical infrastructure is completely encrypted and dislocated in three similar infrastructures located in different countries. In these countries there is NO LAW on data or communication revealing. This means that in NO circumstance will Kryptotel be in the position to have to reveal data about its customers or data about the calls.
  • Can I use my trusted technicians to verify Kryptotel's technical infrastructure?
    Yes as a further guarantee of Kryptotel's service reliability it's possible to verify every single detail of Kryptotel's infrastructure and software source code.
  • Is Kryptotel's solution fully owned?
    Many developed components are owned, but security is based on public encryption algorithms that are considered inviolable (AES, SSL, Twofish, Serpent, RSA, TLS, SRTP). Source codes are available to be examined and certified by third parties.
  • How can I be sure that the calls through Kryptotel cannot be intercepted?
    -How can I be sure that the calls through Kryptotel cannot be intercepted?
    -How can I be sure that the calls through Kryptotel cannot be intercepted?
    -How can I be sure that the calls through Kryptotel cannot be intercepted?
    -How can I be sure that the calls through Kryptotel cannot be intercepted?
    Kryptotel uses SRTP and TLS standard protocols respectively to encrypt the audio channel and the signal channel (information on the caller and called);
  • What does standard protocol mean?
    It means that they have been labelled as standards by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), entity that defines all the communication protocols used on the Internet therefore are pre-examined by tens of thousand of studious in the world. The fact that they are standard and “open -source” is a reliability and security guarantee.
  • Mmmmm, given for granted that the SRTP and TLS communication protocols are safe, how can I be sure that Kryptotel uses them effectively?
    Kryptotel has just recently decided to NOT use its own programs or telephones but applications and voip telephones that are compatible with the above protocols, all manufactured by third parties. The configuration process of the mentioned applications and voip telephones foresees specific indication of the encryption of Voice with SRTP and the use of TLS encryption for the Signal. Basically the applications and the proper functionality of the these protocols on the infrastructure are guaranteed by extremely important software and hardware manufacturers that have no direct relationship with Kryptotel.
  • Sorry but by nature I am totally distrustful and I have doubts that you have secretly made arrangements with the manufacturers of the telephones and the applications that you suggest on your website. Can I choose to use different telephones and Voip applications but still compatible with TLS and SRTP ?
    Of course, many applications and telephones are compatible and many more that will support these protocols will be available in the future. Even if they are not mentioned they are very easy to configure with the few parameters requested by Kryptotel's servers.
  • How can I be sure I configured the Voip client correctly?
    The Voip clients that we suggest to install display a clear real time message that indicates when the the call is encrypted. Furthermore, in order to completely avoid configuration errors, Kryptotel's servers do not accept calls that are not encrypted.
  • If I to still have doubts on the reliability of SRTP and TLS how can I find out more?
  • Do I have to change telephone provider to use KryptoPhone?
    No you don't. KryptoMobile does not interfere with standard GSM telephone line but uses an Internet connection (GSM data channel or WiFi connection). All you need is a WiFi or 3G Internet connection with adequate Internet band width.
  • Can I be traced if I use KryptoPhone?
    No you can't! KryptoPhone uses your Internet connection to set up an encrypted data channel, it enables the encrypted calls to pass through its own ciphered servers using the Internet connection. This means that there is no connection between the calls that go through Kryptotel's Network and the calls that go through the normal public switches. In addition, the calls that go through Kryptotel's encrypted network are not stored in order to provide absolute anonymity.
  • What is the difference between KryptoPhone and other solutions on the market?
    KryptoPhone has the following strengths that set it apart from other solutions on the market:
    *supplies a crystal clear voice communication with no delay;
    *issues a personal Kryptotel number that is not used on traditional phone lines so it is not correlated it to any phone users; *it is the only solution that uses a redundant and separate encryption, one inside the other, with different algorithms in the same application; *uses the best security encryption algorithms based on the highest international standards (asymmetric and symmetric key algorithms);
  • Is KryptoPhone difficult to use?
    KryptoPhone is easy to use and normally no instructions are necessary to be read.
  • How can I be certain that my conversations are not recorded by you?
    How can I be certain that my conversations are not recorded by you?
    How can I be certain that my conversations are not recorded by you?
    All technical infrastructure, equipment and software used by Kryptotel involve the use of the most advanced and reliable encryption algorithms. Each service is designed in detail and its management is carried out in compliance with the International ISO-27001 norm.
  • Can I use KryptoPhone without having a SIM card with an active voice profile, but only data?
    YES, KryptoPhone uses an Internet connection (WiFi/3G) and not the ordinary GSM channel.