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- Voicemail - Your Kryptotel number comes pre configured with voicemail. Secured from any illegal access with a redundant double encryption, Aes 256 and Serpent. The algorithms provide a level of privacy that is comparable to military grade security.
By calling the toll free 444 number you can access your voicemail and listen to your inbox messages, customize your messages and configure the pin code to further secure the service.
We recommend the configuration of the pin code to avoid unauthorized or illegal access.

- Jolly Function - This function allows you choose which ID you want to display on the recipients phone. This special function, that was only available to very few telecommunication experts, is now available to Kryptotel's customers.
By Calling the toll free 448 number our Ivr system will guide you through the 2 simple steps to using the Jolly function. You will be asked to digit on your phone the caller ID you would like to display on the recipients phone and the number you would like to call. The system will immediately make the call and you will be charged the standard tariffs.
By selecting your preferred caller id you can maintain the highest level of privacy in every situation!


- Credit Check - By calling the toll free 445 number you can check your residual credit. Avoid being without credit when you need it the most!
The number is free, you can call it as many times as you want.


- Set your preferred language - By calling the toll free 446 number you can set your preferred language for all interactive voice messages (press 1 to set it to English).